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Propane means business

Using Conger LP Gas for commercial businesses is a safe, affordable way to power everything
from fleets and restaurant stoves to forklifts and school buses.

Why Propane For Your Business

Even when the power goes out, propane works to keep your business up and running.

Training & Safety
Let the Conger LP Gas experts train your employees to work safely and efficiently with propane. We can also help with certification.

We partner with our commercial clients to make sure that they get the service they want and information they need

Talk to the experts at Conger LP Gas to see how they can help you with solutions that help your business run on propane.

Because we’re a locally owned business, Conger LP Gas has the flexibility to work with your business, suggest the best products and finance your purchases.

Get to work with Conger LP Gas


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Enjoy the warmth and
convenience of propane.

Products For Your Business

Propane for Forklifts

Enjoy lower emissions and cost-efficient fuel for your forklifts. According to Propane.com, propane-powered forklifts produce 19% fewer emissions than gasoline forklifts and 7% fewer emissions than diesel forklifts. Interested? Ask Conger for all the details.


Keep your eye on the bottom line by using propane for water heating and space heating at your restaurant or commercial kitchen. Propane is an efficient fuel that usually saves money on fuel and electricity bills. Plus, you can stay open even in bad weather with a propane-run standby generator. Talk to the experts at Conger LP Gas to learn more about how we can provide propane services for your restaurant.


When school buses run on propane, they run quieter and cleaner than fossil fuel buses. That means a better ride for students and better air for our communities. Plus, school districts save on costs because propane is consistently less expensive than diesel bus fuel. Go to the head of the class with Conger and propane autogas buses.




Consider propane and LP gas to fuel your business. Conger can help you find a tailored solution that makes sense for your needs whether you’re looking to heat a warehouse or convert a vehicle. Throughout the process, you’ll experience our expert service with a hometown touch. Call and let us get started today.



If you’re looking at alternative fuels to run your vehicle fleet, consider the pluses of propane autogas. It’s a clean burning fuel with fewer emissions so it’s better for our environment. Autogas is also affordable and costs less than diesel. Plus, your fleet will experience lower operating and maintenance costs. Let Conger help you get in gear with autogas today.

Vehicle Conversions for Fleets

Lawnmower Conversions

We depend on Conger LP Gas for their knowledge and service. They really know their stuff.

Austin Hamilton, Farm Operations, Southern Valley Fruit & Vegetable