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Grow your agribusiness with propane

Conger LP Gas has been working with local farmers for over 27 years and can supply fuel for operations such as crop drying, poultry house heating and cleaning, dairy farm operations, and irrigation.

Why Propane For Your Agribusiness?

Getting power to out buildings and fields is no problem with portable propane fuel and equipment.

Powering farm equipment like irrigation engines can cost less than with propane than with diesel.

We know the South Georgia region and are familiar with the specific needs of local farmers and agribusiness.

Conger LP Gas helps you step away from the grid and get the power you need when you need it. Plus, propane works even during electric power loss.

Propane offers technology-advanced equipment that’s compatible to work alongside your operation’s other machines.

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Products for Your Agribusiness

Irrigation Engines

If you’re looking at alternative fuels to run your vehicle fleet, consider the pluses of propane autogas. It’s a clean-burning fuel with fewer emissions so it’s better for our environment. Autogas is also affordable and costs less than diesel. Plus, your fleet will experience lower operating and maintenance costs. Let Conger help you get in gear with autogas today.

Heating for Greenhouses

Keeping your greenhouses warm when temperatures drop is key to your operation. With efficient propane gas, you’ll be able to control greenhouse temperatures with ease. Portable or stationary heating units powered by propane are clean burning and cost effective. Contact Conger LP Gas and discover how you can keep plants warm and healthy.

Propane for Poultry

Dependable heat is essential to keep your poultry warm and productive. Propane or LP gas can provide the right conditions for your livestock buildings, protecting your investment. Our fuel is safe, efficient and cost effective. And, propane keeps working even when the electricity goes out. Talk to the experts at Conger LP Gas about smart ways to heat your poultry houses.

Weed Control

Controlling weeds is a constant job in agriculture. With a propane torch kit, you’ll have a powerful tool to control pesky weeds without harmful chemicals. We carry the tools, propane and repair parts so you can get the job done. And, since Conger LP Gas is local, we know what to recommend for your particular weed problem. Call us today to learn how to use propane in your fields.